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Are You Looking by Land or by Sea?
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A Private Condo on a Luxury Cruiseship

Cruiseship condominiums are the ultimate in luxury. A private residence onboard of a floating palace is arguably the pinnacle of lifestyle choices. Come explore the incomparable excellence and the amazing journeys that await you. From the world-class amenities and concierge service to the renowned destinations and premium lifestyle, the condo cruise ships that we represent transcend the ordinary. To ensure your comfort no innovation or refinement has been spared. Get ready for pure grandeur!

Private homes are now for sale on our newest condo cruise ship

Our company (Condo Cruise Lines) searches the globe for medium-size cruise ships to change over to condo ships. These ships, with decades of useful life left, are converted into luxury cruise ships.

Each time a new vessel is targeted for purchase, reservations are taken for the allotted condo suites. The suite prices vary from ship to ship and depend on the size unit the purchaser desires. Once the ship is bought the condo owners can do whatever they want with their suites ...they can live on board, turn the suite into a floating office, or rent it to the vacationing public through our affiliation with major luxury cruise travel agencies worldwide. According to CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), "Luxury cruise prices vary by the season, itinerary and destination, and range from $400-$1000 per person, per day".

That's $2,800 to $7,000 per week! Suggested rental prices on our ship fall between $3,000 and $6,000 per week year-round.

Condo cruise ship suite owners might, for example, take a four month world cruise and rent the suite out another seven months and make a sizable profit.


Your journey onboard a condo cruise ship begins here. For more details, request no obligation cruise ship condo information and learn how you can purchase your own home on a cruise ship. Or visit the website for one of our newest ships: Luxury Condo Cruiseline website. The ship is being remodeled and is scheduled to launch in early 2009.










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